sparks in the dark

»i'm the self inflicted, mind detonator
yeah - i'm the one infected, twisted animator.«

the prodigy - firestarter

Today I saw a church burn
Embers (new)


That fire
Which yet burns low
Which flickers out

Yet there remains
Always, beneath the ashes
Which smoulder and wait
For one to bring
Dry twigs and wood

Red-hot embers
Dreaming of becoming
A fizzling crackling fire
Once more

And such is the fire
Burning within ourselves

© by Varg Vikernes

Today I saw a church burn

After standing still for two hundred years
Flames vaulting raised the roof to the sky
in black smoke
to dust we return

incensed clouds
rose in horrror
stained glass bursting in every pane

it makes you think
I at least hope, so
it makes you think

there's gotta be more, so

this mornig I saw my lover's eye
as the sun blinked in the sky
not a thought for that orb of fire
its burning hell saves us from the night

firefighters cherrypickin
at seven stories
could been a stranger
keep having those dreams

can't open the doors
at street level shut
the backdraft melts the roof's heavy metal
the altar's home now to the sun

and the rain
the altar boy lit the paschal candle fire
an older woman lit the votive light
mid-age priest drug on a cigarette and a bible

the Sun rained down His orange mind

Brown-black smoke filled the winter white street
all disappeared into the street
Jimmy Severs lost his life
on the altar of pagan firethe snakes of smoke snarled
slowly, out of rooftile crackswhispers through centuries

freed from the vault
only heaven was higher

like snow whipped up the highway

brief mountains of creamy water jets
streaked fountains of black lined lead
stained glass of cobalt red
she's arising, my sun and my star
they finally had to break the windows
the heat melt the egg off the walls

they punched through the Baptist
with the hundred foot ladders

pontus pirate
of the western electric
had his share settled

got very little extra

two pigeon dove lovers wholly returned
to the roost while it slowly burned
in the midst of the fiery day
the two flew slowly away

© 1997 by Frederick "Slane" Martin


I come by moonlight
in the dead of night
creep through the hills & wood
into your neighborhood
my soul is full of hate
I come to desecrate
with gasoline I flood
Your holy house of blood

Shrouded by the dark
dogs in the distance bark
they sense the evil near
the pious sleep in fear
two thousand years of crime
built on mass genocide-pray
to your lord to keep-what
I destroy when you sleep

The frosty wind blows-my
abyss of hate grows
for every lie you've bred
ten thousand wind up dead
by congregation-mass
bent on morality-by
cost of mortality

The time has come at last
to put guilt in the past
the moon is turning black
fit for this final act
the wind is howling strong
now time to right a wrong
one match to start the flame-in
that others do the same

hot embers smoking-self
righteousness choking
flame meets with gasoline-no
more souls you shall redeem
tounges of a burning mass
consume the evil fast
I watch it burning bright
from far off in the night

© 2002 by Vance AubreySavage

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