tin gods


»i'm the pagan man - i speak for all my kind
as i criticize your point of view - your hollow state of mind
you say that i'm an animal - well this at least is true
i'm a thinking human being - what the hell are you?«

martin walkyier - the pagan man

god - i see no need for that. in my eyes only a philosophy that is not convincing enough has the urgend need for any supernatural being to legitimate itself. it works with supression (of thoughts and doings of its followers) but not by logic. this mainly is done by the theory of heaven, purgatory (see below) and hell and the fear of the devil. instead of facing the living evil in each person, the person is either condemned or its - so called - dark side ignored. in my humble opinion everyone should take care of his/her fate him/herself.

purgatory - take a pair of scissors, some glue, download (and print) your clipable church pattern here (gif (162 kb), jpg (212 kb) or png (20 kb)), build it and burn it down for all the years of supression. this scan is taken from the book 'lords of chaos - the bloody rise of satanic black metal underground' by michael moynihan and dirk sødeerlind (thanx to vio for providing the scan)

funburn - this is a collection of reports concerning burned churches (no real ones, though). if you find your report missing here, just send it to and i will gladly add it with the next update.

(by firebug)
sadly i have taken no pictures of that, but i printed the church on somewhat the size of a din a5 paper, which is kind of small indeed, stuffed it wit a piece of toilet paper to get a better burning effect. sadly i did not find any matches to build a cross on top of the church. after some 15 minutes of highly concentrated paper work i burned it in our social room with standing ovations of some 5 coworkers in an ashtray (hey, i already said it was small). next time i'll take some pictures.
(by firebug)
and again: sadly i have taken no pictures of that. :( but this time i printed the church on a din a4 paper, glued it together, and this time i remembered to add some matches on the top as a cross. i first tried to glue the matches together, but when it came to sticking together, it didn't work out. so i decided to take one of my host's hairs - with some quarrel at first, for sure. this time i had no toilet paper at hand to stuff it, so i just filled it with some shredded paper. as this time took place in amsterdam, netherlands, i had to do the burning outdoors to prevent the city from catching fire. after having the church built and prepared on the balcony, i had to find out that wind is not the burner's coice, for sure. in total i had to light the fire three times for the church to burn down completely.

embers - speaking of fire and burning churches you should also check out this collection of fire lyric which again was inspired by vio.

project churchburn - we just discussed the possibilties of building a bigger church with various materials as wood, cotton and strong paper and to build a bigger church (some 2m long) with little benches and stuff. well i guess this would take a lot longer than a quarter of an hour, but finally we'd like to burn it with a live-stream into the internet and some officials to watch (like johannes rau, the dalai lama, karel wojtyla, michel friedmann, the fire department, ...) at a public place. we'll have to see.

in the making
2001-05-16 - project churchburn is started by tobias 'sklaventreiber' seidel and patric 'firebug' sperling
2001-05-17 - i just found a wonderful (german) pdf on the net showing some achitecture plans (starting at page 336 resp. XCIII).
2002-02-17 - i added another lyric that was sent in.

churchburn newsletter - as this project continues, information is posted at this site. in addition there is also a newsletter. to receive all news simply send an email to with subscribe pyre myname in the body. leave the rest of the body empty, but alter the string myname.

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